The Dawn Will Break

Something profound about the Night
An innermost part of the

For in darkness, does lie 
A hidden blanket to

All that one has, 
After day

Yet bold belief always persists, 
As fiery as it is
That holds darkness will soon abate
As every dawn will


* * *

On the night of April 11, 2020, I took to the streets of downtown Reno, NV, to shoot street photography for Our Town Reno. In early April, we were still in the midst of a nationwide lockdown and shelter-in-place order.

As you will see in the images taken below, the streets were largely empty. Yet, even then there were people still out at night. After having recently gone through these photos, I decided to try and capture what they, and subsequently the concept of darkness and night, meant using poetry.

The Dawn Will Break is written in Iambic meter, which means it follows an unstressed/stressed syllabic pattern throughout.


One thought on “The Dawn Will Break

  1. From embracing Solace and awaiting the breaking Dawn. . . it does seem an endless endeavor right now. Thank you for the lovely poem, Scott. It is heartening to share reflections that are hopeful, earnest, and uplifting during this pandemic pause in our lives.
    Take care–Mary Connors

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