Below are a series of news segments broadcast on several local, regional, and national news networks. I had the privilege of collaborating in a team of media professionals to shoot, edit, and produce these segments focusing primarily in the healthcare industry. These videos were created during my time as a Multimedia Brand Specialist with MediaSourceTV, where I was the primary videographer on the team.


Vast majority of women experience menopausal symptoms, but survey finds few are aware of a safe and effective treatment

Study finds brain injuries are chronic conditions that require lifelong management

Program tailors training to the unique needs of first responders

Moments matter: Quick, simple steps can prevent a tragedy after sudden cardiac arrest

Study targets food to help reduce chronic fatigue, improve diet quality for cancer survivors

Survey: As early heart attacks increase, many young people may not consider their risks

Advancements in genetic sequencing find long-awaited answers for those with rare diseases

Latest version of online tool is first to assess risk for cancer and heart disease using family health history


New surgery recovery program reduces opioid-based pain med use by 50%

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Launches ‘Light Up the Lawn, Light Up a Life’ to Brighten Lives of Patients

Giving back doesn’t just help those in need, but also has lifelong benefits for kids

Survey reveals primary care providers want more patients to talk to them about mental health

Deteriorating heart patient thought he was out of options until new radiation therapy gave him hope

New program aims to identify lung cancers earlier that may otherwise go undetected

Study finds parents choose family over work when they feel their kids’ mental health needs their attention

National Jewish Health Center for Deployment-Related Lung Disease committed to finding answers, providing care for veterans facing debilitating respiratory illnesses

New survey finds many women are unaware of the signs of an aggressive and particularly deadly type of breast cancer

Survey finds alarming number of women have no plans to get mammogram

Clinical trial shows implantable device reduces knee pain, increases functionality for 90% of osteoarthritis patients

Survey finds stress and worry over the state of the world keeps some Americans up at night

Discovery of rare genetic mutations lead researchers toward new avenues to combat high cholesterolSurvey finds demand for cosmetic plastic surgery surges after pandemic

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