Our Town Reno Podcast

While a graduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno, I served an assistantship for the hyperlocal news publication Our Town Reno. Much of my time with Our Town Reno was spent covering the affordable housing crisis in “The Biggest Little City.” My responsibilities included interview homeless subjects, community activists, and local politicians for short, written feature articles.

Additionally, I would use the audio tape from my interviews to contribute to the Our Town Reno / Biggest Little Streets Podcast. From my interviews on the streets and in the shelters, to interviews hosted in the studio at UNR, I hosted, edited, and produced these audio features to accompany our written stories.

Below is a series of episodes from my time with the podcast.


Jeremy, Looking to Regain Health on Streets After Heart Attacks 

Darius, Struggling with Day Jobs without an ID 


Ashley, a Mother Derailed after an Injury and Losing Housing 

Rico, Preparing DMT and Grieving his Brothers in Reno 

Scott King, Reporting on the Streets for Our Town Reno 

Hope for Tiny Homes Village in Reno in 2021 

Byron, Living in a Tent but Helping Clean Up 

Marcus, Blind and Surviving Homelessness in Reno

Waiting for Election Results, While Dealing with Freezing Cold Every Morning 

How do Homeless Women View the 2020 Election? 

The National Affordable Housing Trust Helps with Reno Projects and Big New Initiative 

Wendy Stolyarov, A Progressive Running a Unique Campaign During COVID-19

Getting to Full Capacity at the Village on Sage Street 

Our Place, A New Shelter Model for Northern Nevada

Our Lady of Snows Builds New COVID-19 Outreach Programs 

Lucia Starbuck, On Reporting About the Homeless in Reno 

Eric Marks, A Documentarian on the Streets of Reno at Night 

Jeff, Moving Between His Car and His Family’s Place 

Chris, Comparing Services for the Homeless from City to City 

Ian, Dealing with a Mental Health Services Crisis 

Clint Koble, Running Again for More Affordability and Common Sense

Eddie Lorton, Seeking to Instill a “Spark of Positivity” in the Community 

Patricia Ackerman, Running for a Nevada Congressional Seat to Streamline People First Policies 

Community Health Alliance, a Lifeline of Care for Vulnerable Communities 

Wendy Stolyarov, A Passionate People’s Progressive Running in Sparks, Nevada 

Britton Griffith, Seeking Development With Everyone In Mind 

Tayler McCurley, Changing the Narrative on Mental Health 

Elvira Diaz, Running for the People in Sparks, Nevada 

JD Drakulich, A Realtor and Board President of Eddy House Running for Council 

Jenny Brekhus, a Councilwoman from the Great Recession to Coronavirus 

Liz, Emily and Bob on the Streets in the Age of Coronavirus 

Art, Helping the Houseless About to Be Displaced 

Bryan, Getting Evicted and Trying to Survive Homelessness While Blind

Derrick, Seeking a Downtown Gym and Barbecues for the Homeless 

Angela, a Mother, Walks from California to Nevada into Homelessness 

Daniel, Getting His ID Stolen and Arrested for Sitting 

Malik Muhammad, Looking to Rebound after Being Caught with Drugs 

Miles Vinson, Displaced by Fire and Unaffordable Housing 


Devon Reese, a Councilman in Reno, Sees Hope and Challenges for the Homeless 

Melissa, Thankful for her Family’s Bond Despite Being in Different Shelters

Caught Between a CPS Deadline and Waiting Lists to Get Sober 

Nathaniel Benjamin, Keeping a Collective Printmaking Space Alive 

Homeless Moved from Pickett Park, and #BringSomeLove Advocates Move In 

Darcy Patterson, an Addict’s Mom Helps Others after Losing a Child 

Meghan Simons, a Substance Use Disorder Counselor 

An Activist and an Artist Team Up for a Day of the Dead Mural Under an Overpass

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