Our Town Reno

When I enrolled in the Master’s in Journalism and Media Innovation program at the University of Nevada, Reno, I earned an assistantship through my Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship. As per Fellowship requirements, I had to work with an underserved community.

This in turn opened the opportunity for me to work as a reporter for Our Town Reno, a multimedia street reporting collective in Reno. For the next year and a half, I interviewed individuals at their homeless camps and shelters, as well as community activists and political leaders.

What follows on this page are a few pieces related to my time working for Our Town Reno.


Jeremy, Looking to Regain Health and Energy to Move After Third Heart Attack


Darius, Struggling without an ID and Local Recovery Programs

Scott King, An Our Town Reno Reporter Bids Farewell

Ashley, Thankful to Still Be Alive after an Injury, Losing Work, Housing and a Mugging

Paul White Pivots while Still Taking to Task “Compassionate” Help for the Houseless 

Rico, Searching for Inner Peace After the Loss of His Brothers 

The River Stewards, a new Washoe County Day Labor Initiative to Help the Homeless 

HopeSprings, a New Bridge Housing Project Still Faces Financial Hurdles to Open

Rose, Unable to Hear or to Access Housing after Being Evicted

Marcus, Put on a Train and Finding the Big Tent Shelter in Reno

Our Lady of The Snows Launches New Food Help During the Pandemic 

Lucia Starbuck, an Our Town Reno Reporter Bids Farewell

Reno Through a Lens: Eric Marks, A Documentarian on the Streets at Night

Jeff Bogue, Making a Case for Safe Parking and Cheap Showers in Reno

RISE, Creating Our Place for Women, Families and Seniors Without Shelter

Chris, Comparing City Services after Relocating to Reno from Portland 

Ian, Seeking More Help for Those with Mental Health Challenges 

Health Care for the Underserved, Different Perspectives on Reno’s Community Health Alliance 

Tayler McCurley, Changing the Narrative Around Mental Health, One Story at a Time 

Art, Trying to Help Reno’s Newly Displaced 

Bryan’s Plight: Going Blind, Evicted and Getting Displaced

Angela Gets Robbed and Harassed in Reno, After Walking Here from California

Malik Muhammad, Looking to Rebound after Being Caught with Drugs

Chris Seaborn, From Portland to Hollywood to Reno, Hoping to Finish His Novel 

Derrick Pillors, Smiling Through Increasingly Uncertain Times 

Daniel, Getting His ID Stolen, and Jailed for Sitting, Among Many Tribulations

Miles Vinson, Displaced by Fire and the Affordable Housing Crisis 


Melissa and Michael, Finding Strength in Family Despite Sleeping in Separate Shelters 

Reno Man Fights Addiction, Time, and Waiting Lists to Regain Custody of His Daughter 

Devon Reese, Concerned About QOL, Winter and Delays with New Housing and Shelter Projects

Laika Press, Keeping Printmaking Alive for All in Reno

Meghan Simons, Individualizing Help for Substance Users at The Life Change Center 

Darcy, Holding a Light of Hope in Our Community’s Battle Against Addiction¬†
Residents Bringing a Community’s Diverse Culture to a Bridge Underpass