Arches National Park- UT

In December of 2020, on my road trip home from Reno, NV, to Cleveland, OH, my second stop was a list to Arches National Park in Moab, UT. I spent a full day hiking Arches, starting with the small trail around Balanced Rock on an early snowy morning.

My next stop within the Park was to “Delicate Arch” and the ancient petroglyphs.

The third stop of the day was at the lengthy sprawl of “Landscape Arch.”

Another few miles beyond Landscape Arch is what’s known as “Double O” Arch. This part of the trail required some extra scrambling and physical exertion over snowy rock-faces, but it was definitely worth it.

Following the same trail back, I incidentally stumbled upon an arch known as “Black Arch” off the side of an overlook.

By late afternoon, the winter sun was setting quickly. Despite losing daylight, I was able to visit what’s known as “The Windows” for the sunset.