Camp GLOW- Single Ladies

In the summer of 2018, I served as a counselor at Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). Camp GLOW is a week-long girls’ empowerment camp hosted by Peace Corps Volunteers and host-country national partners throughout the world. At the time I served as a counselor, Grenada was the only island in Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean that hosted Camp GLOW and was in its seventh year.

On the final night of the camp, it’s tradition to host a talent show with the campers. A lesser-known tradition is that a few counselors, particularly male volunteers if there are any, take part with a dance routine. After I found out about this I recruited two friends and local co-counselors, Roya and Chanda, to perform as my back-up dancers to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Although I had a minor false start in the beginning, the performance went well and I dare say was a hit with the campers.

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