“Used to Be”- An Ode to 2019

“Used to Be

I learned all good things must come to an end, 
That the bill will always come due. 
I learned what it means to have your heart broken… 
But also how to merge one from two.  

I learned to say goodbye through a heartfelt smile, 
Despite the tears that already know  
That this goodbye–won’t be just a mile; 
It’s a distance that will always grow. 

They say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” 
While reunions are always, “The way it used to be.” 
A contradiction in time that can make one ponder 
Reflections of us, in lieu of
Yet more opportunities lie in the road ahead 
Beyond the taillights, burning red.
For we all get to our destination  
In the end, a place we’ll call home. 
In which time makes no hesitation 
To remind us we are never 

For maybe reunions in a nutshell 
Are simply a reminder you’re still on the ride with me. 
Round and round a carousel 
Called “The Way It Used To Be.” 

Although each year does come to an end 
The next one always transcends 

With new places, new faces 
And everyone re-starting their own races. 

After a cheerful finish that was well-earned 
All because of the lessons learned.

  * * *


As Christmas approached, my roommate and I found this Charlie Brown Christmas to tree to take home and decorate. Needless to say, a “Charlie Brown Christmas” it was.

4 thoughts on ““Used to Be”- An Ode to 2019

  1. You have had many life lessons on your recent journey, Scott! I have been so impressed!
    Many blessings to you on your new journey!
    P.S. Loved the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I have one in my clasroom every year. All they need is “just a litle love” in the words of Linus!
    Take care–Mrs. Connors

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